Perfect Writing Spot? Try Maine.

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Balanced on railI am always searching for a good writing spot.  Here is the best one I found all summer, although it is more than a bit precarious, since that’s the railing of a second story porch overlooking the Damariscotta Lake in Nobleboro, Maine.  I was up there the first week of August for the Damariscotta Writer’s Conference, an idyllic retreat for teachers who also write.  Every day a whole group of us would spend hours in quiet, many of us on this same porch, the distant loons occasionally sending up their trills. I write standing up.  It was a gimmick at first, something I tried after I read that Ernest Hemingway always wrote on his feet.  What I found that first time–and have continued to find–is that my brain stays more engaged when I am a little less comfortable than sitting allows.  My body has to work just a bit, and my brain follows cue. While in Maine, we visited a place called Hog Island, a tiny island just off the Maine Coast that is an Audubon destination.  On the far side of the island lives now a writer who is putting together a biography of an amazing woman who did much for the island and also was quite close to Emily Dickinson.  Here’s where he gets to live: Maine CabinNow, couldn’t you just get so much done in a place like that?  Nothing like WiFi or even cell reception to distract you?  Pretty great.

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